Get a head start in terms of security. Avoid the most common traps and protect your most valuable data.


Reinforce your defences. Organise your security. Develop your resilience.


Adopt the best protection techniques. Monitor your information systems.

  • To survive in the digital world, there are some simple reflexes: protect your data, your hardware and adjust your behavior online.

    • Adopt the right security reflexes
    • CASES

Do you need help ?

Do you want to be helped by an expert to implement the protective measures given in this checklist? Would you like to train your staff about information security? CASES offers different formulae:

Cybersecurity training

Information security is a team work effort. Everyone needs to be aware of the challenges and potential dangers in order to fully take part in the initiative. Each person must acquire the right reflexes.
On-site training will bring this knowledge and reflexes to your teams. It will fit their individual needs and situations. It will allow better experience sharing and contribute to strengthen the motivation of your staff towards higher vigilance and the sharing of good practices.

CASES diagnosis

Your daily organization deals with sensitive data. As a manager, you have specific obligations concerning the protection of such data. The CASES Diagnosis helps you reduce your exposure to IT risks.

Customised security charter

The security charter is a key and essential element for an organization or a company. It serves as a reminder of the rules to follow and the best practices in the field of information security. It contains a number of generic elements (such as a 'don’t disclose your password') and specific elements adapted to the targeted organisation or sector.
It also serves as a reminder of the security strategy and the basic rules that must be respected by all. Besides, it could contain specific rules for certain categories of employees.